Workshop on Challenges in Information Retrieval
and Language Modeling

September 11 -12, 2002
University of Massachusetts
Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval
Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

Workshop Purpose

The aim of the workshop is to bring together a group of leaders in information retrieval and language modeling to discuss what the challenges in information retrieval are and how language modeling approaches may be applied to information retrieval tasks to help solve some of these challenges. An expected outcome of the meeting is a report listing IR challenges (similar to the Asilomar Report on Database Research).

This workshop is by invitation only.

Important Dates

ASAP Draft report within teams
Sept. 23 Draft report to share
Oct. 1 Reimbursement information to Jill Lentz
Oct. 7 Final team report completed
Oct. 15 Draft of compiled report available
Oct. 31 Report completed

Final Report

Draft Reports


IR Models/Formalisms
Team: Djoerd Hiemstra, John Lafferty, Jay Ponte, Steve Robertson, Howard Turtle
Cross-Language Retrieval
Team: Wessel Kraaij, Philip Resnik, Salim Roukos, Jinxi Xu, Ralph Weischedel
Web Search
Team: Jamie Callan, David Harper, Thomas Hofmann, Roni Rosenfeld, Amit Singhal, Alan Smeaton, Cheng Zhai
User Modeling
Team: James Allan, Nick Belkin, Sue Dumais, Norbert Fuhr, Anton Leuski
Filtering, TDT, and Classification
Team: Jamie Callan, Victor Lavrenko, David Lewis, Rich Schwartz
Team: Donna Harman, Ed Hovy, Wessel Kraaij, Dragomir Radev

Team: Chris Buckley, John Lafferty, Dragomir Radev, Philip Resnik, Salim Roukos, Amit Singhal, Ralph Weischedel

Question Answering
Team: Bruce Croft, Ed Hovy, Liz Liddy, Andrew McCallum, John Prager, Dragomir Radev, Ralph Weischedel

Meta Search and Distributed Retrieval
Team: Jay Aslam, Jamie Callan, R. Manmatha, Mark Sanderson, Ellen Voorhees

Team: Thomas Hofmann, R. Manmatha, Mark Sanderson, Rich Schwartz, Alan Smeaton



James Allan, Univ.of Massachusetts, Amherst
Jay Aslam, Dartmouth College
Nick Belkin, Rutgers University
Chris Buckley, SabIR Research
Jamie Callan, Carnegie Mellon University
Bruce Croft, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst
Sue Dumais, Microsoft Research
Norbert Fuhr, University of Dortmund
Donna Harman, NIST
David Harper, Robert Gordon University
Djoerd Hiemstra, University of Twente
Thomas Hofmann, Brown University
Ed Hovy, ISI
Wessel Kraaij, TNO TPD
Victor Lavrenko, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst
John Lafferty, Carnegie Mellon University
David Lewis, Independent Consultant
Liz Liddy, Syracuse University
R. Manmatha, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst
Andrew McCallum, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst
John Prager, IBM
John Prange, ARDA
Jay Ponte, Mitre Corporation
Dragomir Radev, University of Michigan
Philip Resnik, University of Maryland
Steve Robertson, Microsoft Research
Roni Rosenfeld, Carnegie Mellon University
Salim Roukos, IBM
Mark Sanderson, Sheffield University
Rich Schwartz, BBN
Amit Singhal, Google
Alan Smeaton, Dublin City University
Thi Nhu Truong, Carnegie Mellon University
Howard Turtle, Independent Consultant
Ellen Voorhees, NIST
Ralph Weischedel, BBN
Jinxi Xu, BBN
Cheng Zhai, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Background Reading


Participants may be reimbursed for some or all of their travel and lodging costs (meals during the workshop are provided gratis). Invitees will receive an email message indicating what is being covered and providing additional instructions. If you have not received such a message by August 1, please contact R. Manmatha. If you have additional questions about reimbursements after receiving your message, please contact Jill Lentz.


James Allan, University of Massachusetts
Jamie Callan, Carnegie Mellon University
W. Bruce Croft, University of Massachusetts
John Lafferty, Carnegie Mellon University
R. Manmatha, University of Massachusetts

Local Organization

James Allan, University of Massachusetts
R. Manmatha, University of Massachusetts


Advanced Research and Development Activity

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