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  Ben Carterette

I have recently joined the Department of Computer & Information Sciences at the University of Delaware! Go to my home page at UDel.



  • mtc-eval: an implementation of the evaluation model described in Carterette (2007) and Carterette, Allan, & Sitaraman (2006).
  • R package for the likelihood maximization described in Carterette & Allan (2007).
    To install, start R and type
    install.packages("preferences", repos="http://ciir.cs.umass.edu/~carteret")
    To get started, see help(maximize). More documentation coming soon...


  • Research Assistant, CIIR, UMass Amherst - Sep '03 to present
    Advisor: Prof. James Allan
  • Intern, Microsoft Research - Jun '07 to Aug '07
    Supervisor: Dr. Susan Dumais
  • Intern, Yahoo! Research - Jun '06 to Aug '06
    Supervisor: Dr. Rosie Jones
  • Intern, Yahoo! Research - Jun '05 to Aug '05
    Supervisor: Dr. Rosie Jones
  • Research Assistant, Miami University - '98-'99, '02-'03
    Advisor: Prof. Fazli Can

Professional Activities

  • PC Member for SIGIR '07, ECIR '08, SIGIR '08, EVIA '08.
  • Reviewer for TOIS, JASIST, IR, IP&M.
  • Referee for InfoScale '07, InfoScale '08.
  • Referee for ADVIS '04 and '06.
  • Member of ACM and ACM SIGIR.


  • My Erdös Number is no greater than 3 (and almost certainly not less!):
    • I wrote "Minimal Test Collections for Retrieval Evaluation" with James Allan and Ramesh Sitaraman;
    • Ramesh Sitaraman wrote "Augmented Ring Networks" with William Aiello, Sandeep Bhatt, Fan Chung, and Arnold Rosenberg;
    • Fan Chung wrote "On the Decomposition of Graphs into Complete Bipartite Subgraphs" with Paul Erdös.