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  1. throat feeling can be quite distracting and even stressful also known as cricopharyngeal spasm the sensation comes from the upper esophageal sphincter mu ads throat cancer www cancercenter com contact ctca to learn more about treatment options at our centers get feels like a lump www info com feelslikealumpinmythroat in my

  2. relief guide     anxiety disorder    symptoms of anxiety disorder    lump in throat thyroid lump in throat thyroid can it be cancer   cancer or that which is known as the big c is a terrible dilemma that may hit any range of age group generally people who are

  3. thyroid hormones that these gather around in the throat area and swells the tissues around it this is often referred to as goiter tumor and cancers


cancer known medically malignant neoplasm large group different disease involving unregulated cell growth cancer cell divide grow uncontrollably forming malignant tumors invade nearby parts body cancer spread distant parts body lymphatic system blood tumors cancerous benign tumor grow uncontrollably invade neighboring tissues spread body determining causes cancer complex things known increase risk cancer tobacco infection radiation lack physical activity poor diet obesity environmental pollutants directly damage genes combine existing genetic faults cells cause disease approximately five ten percent cancers entirely hereditary cancer detected number ways presence signs symptoms screening tests medical imaging possible cancer detected diagnosed microscopic examination tissue sample cancer usually treated chemotherapy radiation therapy surgery chances surviving disease vary greatly type location cancer extent disease start treatment cancer affect people ages types cancer common children risk developing cancer generally increases age 2007 cancer caused 13 human deaths worldwide 9 million rates rising people live old age mass lifestyle changes occur developing world thumbwhen cancer begins invariably produces symptoms signs symptoms appearing mass continues grow ulcerates findings result depends type location cancer symptoms specific frequently occurring individuals conditions cancer new great imitator uncommon people diagnosed cancer treated diseases assumed symptoms due local symptoms occur due mass tumor ulceration example mass effects lung cancer cause blockage bronchus resulting cough pneumonia esophageal cancer cause narrowing esophagus making difficult painful swallow colorectal cancer lead narrowing blockages bowel resulting changes bowel habits masses breast testicles easily felt ulceration cause bleeding occurs lung lead coughing blood bowels anemia rectal bleeding bladder blood urine uterus vaginal bleeding localized pain occurs advanced cancer initial swelling usually painless cancers cause build fluid chest abdomen general symptoms occur due distant effects cancer related direct metastatic spread unintentional weight loss fever excessively tired changes skin hodgkin disease leukemia cancers liver kidney cause persistent fever unknown origin specific constellations systemic symptoms termed paraneoplastic phenomena occur cancers examples appearance myasthenia gravis thymoma clubbing lung cancer symptoms metastasis due spread cancer locations body enlarged lymph node felt skin typically hard hepatomegaly enlarged liver splenomegaly enlarged spleen felt abdomen pain fracture affected bones neurological symptoms cancers primarily environmental disease 95 cases attributed environmental factors 5 due genetics environmental cancer researchers means cause genetic merely pollution common environmental factors contribute cancer death tobacco 25 diet obesity 35 infections 20 radiation ionizing non ionizing stress lack physical activity environmental pollutants nearly impossible prove caused cancer individual cancers multiple possible causes example person uses tobacco heavily develops lung cancer probably caused tobacco small chance developing lung cancer result air pollution radiation small chance cancer developed air pollution radiation thumbcancer pathogenesis traceable back dna mutations impact cell growth metastasis substances cause dna mutations known mutagens mutagens cause cancers known carcinogens particular substances linked specific types cancer tobacco smoking associated forms cancer causes lung cancer mutagen carcinogen carcinogens mutagens alcohol example chemical carcinogen mutagen western europe cancers males 3 cancers females attributed alcohol decades research demonstrated link tobacco cancer lung larynx head neck stomach bladder kidney esophagus pancreas tobacco smoke contains fifty known carcinogens nitrosamine polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon tobacco ...

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