Entity: Disease


Explanations for how Disease is related to the query "lump in throat"


disease abnormal condition affecting body organism construed medical condition associated specific symptom sign caused external factors infectious disease caused internal dysfunctions autoimmune disease humans disease broadly refer condition causes pain suffering distress dysfunction social problems death person afflicted similar problems contact person broader sense includes injuries disabilities disorder syndrome infection isolated symptom deviant behavior atypical variation structure function contexts purposes considered distinguishable categories diseases usually affect people physically emotionally contracting living diseases alter ones perspective life personality death due disease called death natural causes four main types disease pathogenic disease deficiency disease hereditary disease physiological disease diseases classified communicable non communicable disease cases terms disease disorder morbidity illness interchangeably situations specific terms considered preferable disease means ease discomfort term disease broadly refers condition impairs normal function commonly term refer specifically infectious disease clinically evident diseases result presence pathogenic microbial agents viruses bacteria fungi protozova multicellular organisms aberrant proteins known prion infection produce clinically evident impairment normal functioning presence normal bacteria yeasts gut considered disease contrast infection asymptomatic incubation period expected produce symptoms later usually considered disease non infectious disease diseases forms cancer heart disease genetic disease illness sickness generally synonyms disease term occasionally refer specifically patients personal experience disease model possible person diseased ill objectively definable asymptomatic medical condition ill diseased person perceives normal experience medical condition medicalizes non disease situation life illness due infection collection evolved responses sickness behavior body aids clearing infection aspects illness lethargy depression anorexia sleepiness hyperalgesia inability concentrate medicine disorder functional abnormality disturbance medical disorders categorized mental disorder physical disorder genetic disorder emotional behavioral disorders functional disorder term disorder considered value neutral stigmatizing terms disease illness preferred terminology circumstances mental health term mental disorder way acknowledging complex interaction biological social psychological factors psychiatric conditions term disorder areas medicine primarily identify physical disorders caused infectious organisms metabolic disorder medical condition broad term includes diseases disorders term medical condition generally includes mental illnesses contexts term specifically denote illness injury disease mental illnesses diagnostic statistical manual mental disorders dsm widely psychiatric manual defines mental disorder uses term general medical condition refer diseases illnesses injuries mental disorder usage commonly psychiatric literature health insurance policies define medical condition illness injury disease psychiatric illnesses value neutral terms disease term medical condition preferred people health issues consider deleterious hand emphasizing medical nature condition term rejected proponents autism rights movement term medical condition synonym medical state describes patients current state medical standpoint usage statements describe patient critical condition example morbidity diseased state disability poor health due cause term refer existence form disease degree health condition affects patient severely ill patients level morbidity measured icu scoring systems comorbidity simultaneous presence two medical conditions person schizophrenia substance abuse epidemiology actuarial science term morbidity rate refer incidence rate prevalence disease medical condition measure sickness contrasted mortality rate condition proportion people dying given time interval infectious disease incubation period time infection appearance symptoms latency period time infection ability disease spread person precede follow simultaneous appearance symptoms viruses exhibit dormant phase called viral latency virus hides body inactive ...

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