Entity: Goitre


Explanations for how Goitre is related to the query "lump in throat"


goitre goiter latin gutteria struma swelling thyroid gland lead swelling neck larynx voice box goitre term refers enlargement thyroid associated thyroid gland functioning properly worldwide cases goitre caused iodine deficiency goitre associated hypothyroidism hyperthyroidism present symptoms underlying disorder symptoms unspecific hard diagnose goitre associated hormonal abnormalities cause symptoms aside presence anterior neck mass particularly large masses compression local structures result difficulty breathing swallowing presenting symptoms malignancy considered toxic goitres present symptoms thyrotoxicosis palpitations hyperactivity weight loss despite increased appetite heat intolerance thumbthumbthumbregarding morphology goitres classified growth pattern size growth worldwide common cause goitre iodine deficiency usually countries iodized salt selenium deficiency considered contributing factor countries iodized salt hashimotos thyroiditis common cause thumbgoitre common women includes types goitre caused autoimmune problems caused simple lack iodine researchersshowed correlation iodine deficient goitre gastric cancer reported goitrous territories decrease incidence goitre stomach cancer implementation iodine prophylaxis proposed mechanism action iodide ion function thyroid gland gastric mucosa antioxidant reducing species detoxify poisonous reactive oxygen species hydrogen peroxide chinese physicians tang dynasty 618–907 successfully treat patients goitre iodine rich thyroid gland animals sheep pigs—in raw pill powdered form 1889 outlined zhen quans d 643 ad book chinese book pharmacopoeia heavenly husbandman asserted iodine rich sargassum treat goitre patients 1st century bc book written later 12th century zayn al din al jurjani persian physician provided description graves disease noting association goitre exophthalmos thesaurus shah khwarazm major medical dictionary time al jurjani established association goitre palpitation disease later named irish doctor robert james graves described case goitre exophthalmos 1835 german karl adolph von basedow independently reported constellation symptoms 1840 earlier reports disease published italians giuseppe flajani antonio giuseppe testa 1802 1810 respectively physician caleb hillier parry friend edward jenner late 18th century paracelsus 1493–1541 person propose relationship goitre minerals particularly lead drinking water iodine later discovered bernard courtois 1811 seaweed ash goitre previously common areas deficient iodine soil example midlands condition known derbyshire neck united states goitre found great lakes midwest intermountain regions condition practically absent affluent nations table salt supplemented iodine prevalent india china central asia central africa goitre prevalent alpine countries long time switzerland reduced condition introducing iodised salt 1922 bavarian tracht miesbach salzburg regions appeared 19th century includes choker dubbed kropfband struma band hide goitre remnants goitre surgery coat arms crest die kröpfner tyrol showed man afflicted large goitre apparent pun german word bjn tekok ...

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