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oncology ancient greek onkos ὄγκος meaning bulk mass tumor suffix logy λογία meaning study branch medicine deals cancer medical professional practices oncology oncologist oncology concerned important diagnostic tool remains medical history character complaints specific symptoms fatigue weight loss unexplained anemia fever unknown origin paraneoplastic phenomena signs physical examination reveal location malignancy diagnostic methods diagnosis modalities especially imaging ct scanning determine operability surgically possible remove tumor entirety generally tissue diagnosis biopsy considered essential proper identification cancer possible empirical therapy exact diagnosis given based available evidence eg history x rays scans occasionally metastatic lump pathological lymph node found typically neck primary tumor found situation referred carcinoma unknown primary treatment empirical based past experience likely origin completely depends nature tumor identified therapeutical intervention necessary disorders aml require immediate admission chemotherapy followed regular physical examination blood test surgery attempted remove tumor entirely feasible degree certainty tumor fact removed parts remain curative surgery impossible eg metastases tumor invaded structure operated risking patients life occasionally surgery improve survival tumour tissue removed procedure referred debulking reducing overall amount tumour tissue surgery palliative treatment cancers eg relieve biliary obstruction relieve problems associated cerebral tumors risks surgery weighed benefits chemotherapy radiotherapy line radical therapy number malignancies adjuvant therapy macroscopic tumor completely removed surgically reasonable statistical risk recur chemotherapy radiotherapy commonly palliation disease clearly incurable situation aim improve quality prolong life hormone manipulation established particularly treatment breast prostate cancer currently rapid expansion monoclonal antibody treatments notably lymphoma rituximab breast cancer trastuzumab vaccine immunotherapies subject intensive research approximately 50 cancer cases western world treated remission radical treatment pediatric patients number higher large number cancer patients die disease significant proportion patients incurable cancer die causes ongoing issues symptom control associated progressive cancer treatment disease problems pain nausea anorexia fatigue immobility depression issues strictly physical personal dignity affected moral spiritual issues important problems remit oncologist palliative care matured separate closely allied speciality address problems associated advanced disease palliative care essential part multidisciplinary cancer care team palliative care services hospital based oncology nurses doctors able visit patient home number recurring ethical questions dilemmas oncological practice issues closely related patients personality religion culture personal family life answers rarely black white requires degree sensitivity good communication part oncology team address problems properly tremendous amount research conducted frontiers oncology ranging cancer cell biology chemotherapy treatment regimens optimal palliative care pain relief makes oncology continuously changing field therapeutic trials involve patients different hospitals particular region uk patients enrolled large studies coordinated cancer research uk cruk medical research council mrc european organisation research treatment cancer eortc national cancer research network ncrn us large number non profits pursuing genetic based treatments tgen us oncology van andel institute sub specialties oncology oncologists develop interest expertise management particular types cancer oncologists divided basis type treatment provided united kingdom countries oncologists clinical medical oncologists main difference clinical oncologists deliver radiotherapy medical oncologists difference apply north america terms clinical oncologist medical oncologist interchangeably countries common patients treated multidisciplinary team teams meet regular basis discuss patients care teams consist medical oncologist clinical oncologist radiotherapist surgeon ...

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