Entity: Pharyngitis


Explanations for how Pharyngitis is related to the query "lump in throat"


pharyngitis inflammation throat pharynx cases painful common cause sore throat types inflammation pharyngitis acute – characterized rapid onset typically relatively short course – chronic pharyngitis result large tonsils cause trouble swallowing breathing pharyngitis accompanied cough fever example caused systemic infection acute cases caused viral infections 40–80 remainder caused bacteria infections fungal infections irritants pollutant chemical substance treatment viral causes mainly symptomatic bacterial fungal causes amenable antibiotics anti fungal respectively pharyngitis type inflammation commonly caused upper respiratory tract infection classified acute chronic acute pharyngitis catarrhal purulent ulcerative depending virulence causative agent immune capacity affected individual chronic pharyngitis common otolaringologic disease catarrhal hypertrophic atrophic inflammation includes tonsillitis called pharyngotonsillitis sub classification nasopharyngitis common cold majority cases due infectious organism acquired close contact infected individual thumb comprise 40–80 infectious cases feature different types viral infections number different bacteria infect human throat common group streptococcus corynebacterium diphtheriae neisseria gonorrhoeae chlamydophila pneumoniae mycoplasma pneumoniae streptococcal pharyngitis strep throat caused group beta hemolytic streptococcus gas common bacterial cause cases pharyngitis 15–30 common symptoms fever sore throat large lymph nodes contagious infection spread close contact infected individual definitive diagnosis made based results throat culture antibiotics useful prevent complications speed recovery fusobacterium necrophorum normal inhabitants oropharyngeal flora occasionally create peritonsillar abscess 1 400 untreated cases lemierres syndrome occurs diphtheria potentially life threatening upper respiratory infection caused corynebacterium diphtheriae largely eradicated developed nations introduction childhood vaccination programs reported third world increasingly areas eastern europe antibiotics effective early stages recovery generally slow causes rare possibly fatal parapharyngeal space infections peritonsillar abscess quinsy submandibular space infection ludwigs angina epiglottitis cases pharyngitis caused fungal infection candida albicans causing oral thrush pharyngitis caused mechanical chemical thermal irritation example cold air acid reflux medications produce pharyngitis pramipexole antipsychotic hard differentiate viral bacterial cause sore throat based symptoms throat swab done rule bacterial cause majority time treatment symptomatic specific treatments effective bacterial fungal herpes simplex infections alternative medicines promoted treatment sore throats poorly supported evidence uptodate evidence based peer reviewed resource recommends treat pharyngitis acute pharyngitis common cause sore throat diagnosed 19 million people united states ...

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