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Projects I've worked on:

  • Markov Random Field models for information retrieval -- My thesis subject was Markov random fields for information retrieval. I investigated both the theoretical side of the issue (e.g. modeling and parameter estimation), as well as the practical side of things (e.g. how we can use the model to achieve good effectiveness for various retrieval tasks).
  • Searching using Markov Random Fields (SMRF) -- A Java-based toolkit being designed to support research into the Markov Random Field model for information retrieval. More details soon!
  • RECAP -- a tool for exploring, analyzing, and visualizing various kinds of text reuse within a collection of documents.
  • Indri -- an efficient, scalable search engine with a robust query language. Indri, a collaborative effort with Trevor Strohman and Howard Turtle, synthesizes and enhances the Lemur and INQUERY search tools. My research focused on the development of the underlying retrieval model and query language. Click here for publications, presentations, and other materials related to Indri.

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