IR Lab Doctoral Graduates

Lakshmi Nair Vikraman
September 2022
"Answer Similarity Grouping and Diversification in Question Answering Systems"

Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar
September 2022
"Data Scarcity in Event Analysis and Abusive Language Detection"

Hamed Bonab
September 2022
"Neural Approaches for Language-Agnostic Search and Recommendation"

Keping Bi
September 2021
"Neural Approaches to Feedback in Information Retrieval"

Chen Qu
May 2021
"History Modeling for Conversational Information Retrieval"

Daniel Cohen
February 2021
"Neural Methods for Answer Passage Retrieval over Sparse Collections"
Brown University

Qingqao Ai
September 2019
"Neural Generative Models and Representation Learning for Information Retrieval"
University of Utah

Liu Yang
September 2019
"Response Retrieval in Information-seeking Conversations"

Hamed Zamani
September 2019
"Neural Models for Information Retrieval without Labeled Data"

Venkatesh N. Murthy
May 2019
"Data-Driven Approach to Image Classification"

John Foley
May 2019
"Using Poetry Data to Challenge Assumptions in Text Understanding"
Middlebury College

Myungha Jang
May 2019
"Probablistic Models for Identifying and Explaining Controversy"

Shiri Dori-Hacohen
September 2017
"Controversy Analysis and Detection"
AuCoDe / University of Connecticut (2021)

Weize Kong
May 2016
"Extending Faceted Search to the Open-Domain Web"

Kriste Krstovski
May 2016
"Efficient Inference, Search and Evaluation for Latent Variable Models of Text with Applications to Information Retrieval and Machine Translation"
Columbia University & University of Chicago

Chia-Jung Lee
September 2015
"Exploiting Social Media Sources for Search, Fusion and Evaluation"
Microsoft Bing

Ethem Can
September 2015
"Exploiting Concepts in Videos for Video Event Detection"
SAS, Inc.

Jason Narad
February 2015
"Learning with Joint Inference and Latent Linguistic Structure in Graphical Models"
University College London

Youngho Kim
September 2014
"Searching Based on Query Documents"
IBM Watson Research

Jae Hyun Park
September 2014
"Retrieval Models based on Linguistic Features of Verbose Queries"
Nuance Communications, Inc.

Jeff Dalton
May 2014
" Entity-based Enrichment for Information Extraction and Retrieval"

Van Dang
May 2014
"A Proportionality-based Approach to Search Result Diversification"

Elif Aktolga
May 2014
"Integrating Non-Topical Aspects into Information Retrieval"

Samuel Huston
February 2014
"Indexing Proximity Based Dependencies for Information Retrieval"

Ismet (Zeki) Yalniz
February 2014
"Efficient Representation and Matching of Texts and Images in Scanned Book Collections"

Marc-Allen Cartright
September 2013
"Query-Time Optimization Techniques for Structured Queries in Information Retrieval"

Henry Feild
September 2013
"Exploring Privacy and Personalization in Select Information Retrieval Applications"
Endicott College

Michael Bendersky
September 2012
"Information Retrieval with Query Hypergraphs"

Jinyoung Kim
September 2012
"Retrieval and Evaluation Techniques for Personal Information"
Microsoft Bing

Xiaobing Xue
September 2012
"Modeling Reformation as Query Distributions"

Niranjan Balasubramanian
September 2011
"Query Dependent Selection of Retrieval Alternatives"
University of Washington

Xing Yi
September 2011
"Discovering and Using Implicit Data for Information Retrieval"
Yahoo! Labs

Jangwon Seo
September 2011
"Search Using Social Media Structures"
Google, Inc.

Benjamin Carterette
September 2008
"Low-cost and Robust Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems"
University of Delaware

Mark Smucker
September 2008
"Navigating Document Networks"
University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Ao Feng
September 2008
"Incident Threading in News", Washington

Shaolei Feng
September 2008
"Statistical models for text query-based image retrieval"
Siemens Corporate Research

Giridhar Kumaran
May 2008
"Efficient User Interaction In Information Retrieval"
Microsoft Live Labs, Washington

Trevor Strohman
February 2008
"Efficient Processing of Complex Features for Information Retrieval"
Google, Inc., California

Fernando Diaz
February 2008
"Regularizing Query-Based Retrieval Scores"
Yahoo!, Montreal, Canada

Xiaoyong Liu
February 2008
"Cluster-Based Retrieval from the Language Modeling Perspective"
Hewlett Packard, Connecticut

Yun Zhou
February 2008
"Predicting Retrieval Performance"
Google, California

Ron Bekkerman
February 2008
"Combinatorial Markov Random Fields and their Applications to Information Organization"
Hewlett Packard Labs, California

Donald Metzler
September 2007
"Effectively Modeling Term Dependencies in Information Retrieval"
Yahoo! Research, California

Jiwoon Jeon
September 2007
"Searching Question and Answer Archives"
Google, California

Xing Wei
September 2007
"Topic Models in Information Retrieval"
Yahoo!, California

Hema Raghavan
May 2007
"Tandem Learning: Learning on Both Features and Instances for Text"
Yahoo! Applied Research, California

Xiaoyan Li
September 2006
"Robust Relevance-Based Language Models"
Princeton University

Vanessa Murdock
September 2006
"Aspects of Sentence Retrieval"
Yahoo! Research, Barcelona

Ramesh Nallapati
September 2006
"The smoothed Dirichlet distribution: Understanding cross -entropy ranking in information retrieval"
Carnegie Mellon University (PostDoc)

Toni Rath
September 2005
"Retrieval of handwritten historical document images"

Victor Lavrenko
September 2004
"A generative theory of relevance"
AEnalytics/University of Edinburgh

Jeremy Pickens
May 2004
"Harmonic modeling for polyphonic music retrieval"
King's College, Univ. of London/FX Palo Alto Laboratory

Dawn Lawrie
September 2003
"Language models for hierarchical summarization"
Loyola University Maryland

Sai (Chandu) Ravela
February 2003
"On multi-scale differential features and their representations for image retrieval and recognition"

Brendon Cahoon
September 2002
"Effective compile -time analysis for data prefetching in Java"
IBM Research

Anton Leuski
May 2001
"Interactive information organization: Techniques and evaluation"
USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI)

Lisa Ballesteros
September 2001
"Resolving ambiguity for cross -language information retrieval: A dictionary approach"
Mt. Holyoke College

Madi Das
September 2001
"Studies in the use of color for image indexing and retrieval in specialized databases"


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Note: For most, the employer listed was their first position after graduating.