CIIR's Bruce Croft and Hamed Zamani Receive CIKM 2020 Best Paper Awards

CIIR Director Bruce Croft and Assistant Professor Hamed Zamani each received Best Paper Awards at the 29th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2020) held virtually in October 2020.

The CIKM 2020 Best Paper Award (Full Paper Research Track) was presented to Valeriya Bolotova-Baranova, Vladislav Blinov, Yukun Zheng, Mark Sanderson, Falk Scholer, and Bruce Croft for their paper, "Do People and Neural Networks Pay Attention to the Same Words? Studying Eye-tracking Data for Non-factoid QA Evaluation."

The CIKM 2020 Best Paper Award (Resource Track) was presented to Hamed Zamani, Gord Lueck, Everest Chen, Rodolfo Quispe, Flint Luu, and Nick Craswell for their paper, "MIMICS: A Large-Scale Data Collection for Search Clarification."

The CIKM 2020 Best Paper Award (Doctoral Consortium) was awarded to RMIT Phd student Leila Tavakoli. Leila is co-advised by RMIT's Falk Scholer and Mark Sanderson (former CIIR Postdoc) and UMass Amherst CIIR's Croft and Zamani.