Ten Papers by CIIR Authors Selected for SIGIR 2021

CIIR authors will have ten papers presented during the 44th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR 2021) being held virtually in July. CICS Assistant Professor and CIIR Associate Director Hamed Zamani is a co-author on six of the ten papers selected for presentation at the conference. The CIIR papers to be presented at SIGIR 2021 are listed below:

"Allowing for The Grounded Use of Temporal Difference Learning in Large Ranking Models via Sub State Updates"
Daniel Cohen

"AutoName: A Corpus-Based Set Naming Framework"
Zhiqi Huang, Razieh Rahimi, Puxuan Yu, Jingbo Shang, James Allan

"Current Challenges and Future Directions in Podcast Information Access"
Rosie Jones*, Hamed Zamani*, Markus Schedl, Ching-Wei Chen, Sravana Reddy, Ann Clifton, Jussi Karlgren, Helia Hashemi, Aasish Pappu, Zahra Nazari, Longqi Yang, Oguz Semerci, Hugues Bouchard, Ben Carterette (CIIR Phd alum)

"Improving Transformer-Kernel Ranking Model Using Conformer and Query Term Independence"
Bhaskar Mitra, Sebastian Hofstätter, Hamed Zamani, Nick Craswell

"Intra-Document Cascading: Learning to Select Passages for Neural Document Ranking"
Sebastian Hofstätter, Bhaskar Mitra, Hamed Zamani, Nick Craswell, Allan Hanbury

"Learning a Fine-Grained Review-based Transformer Model for Personalized Product Search"
Keping Bi, Qingyao Ai (CIIR Phd alum), W. Bruce Croft

"Learning Robust Dense Retrieval Models from Incomplete Relevance Labels"
Prafull Prakash, Julian Killingback, Hamed Zamani

"Passage Retrieval for Outside-Knowledge Visual Question Answering"
Chen Qu, Hamed Zamani, Liu Yang (CIIR Phd alum), W. Bruce Croft, Erik Learned-Miller

"Towards Multi-Modal Conversational Information Seeking"
Yashar Deldjoo, Johanne R. Trippas, Hamed Zamani

"Utility of Missing Concepts in Query Biased Summarization"
Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar, Felipe Moraes, Jiepu Jiang, James Allan

Papers sorted in alphabetical order. Bold author names represent UMass Amherst CICS/CIIR affiliates.
* Equal contribution.