Integrating NLP into Information-Centric User Interfaces

Speaker: Marti Hearst, University of California, Berkeley

Title: Integrating NLP into Information-Centric User Interfaces

Date: Friday. February 25, 2022 - 1:30 - 2:30 PM EST (North American Eastern Standard Time) via Zoom

Zoom Access: Zoom Link and reach out to Alex Taubman for the passcode.

Abstract: Natural Language Processing has undergone head-spinning advances over the last 5-10 years. At the same time, user interfaces for search have remained fairly static. Has NLP advanced enough to more actively aid searchers in the search process? In this talk I will summarize some recent work by my lab and with other collaborators on integration of summarization and question answering into news chat interfaces and harnessing NLP and HCI to make scholarly documents more understandable.

Bio: Marti Hearst is a Professor at UC Berkeley in the School of Information and the Computer Science Division. Her research encompasses user interfaces with a focus on search, information visualization with a focus on text, computational linguistics, and educational technology. She is the author of Search User Interfaces, the first academic book on that topic. She co-founded the ACM Learning@Scale conference, is a former President of the Association for Computational Linguistics, a member of the CHI Academy and the SIGIR Academy, an ACM Fellow, and has received four Excellence in Teaching Awards from the students of UC Berkeley. She received her PhD, MS, and BA degrees in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and was a member of the research staff at Xerox PARC.