Negin Rahimi selected for Google Research Award

Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences Research Assistant Professor Razieh (Negin) Rahimi was selected for a 2022 Google Research Scholar Award for her work on generative rankers toward trustworthy search result diversification. She received $60,000 from Google to support the advancement of her research.

“In this research, we tackle the challenge of explaining search results such that explanations are faithful to how the underlying ranker works and are also in a format that helps end-users understand the information space related to their queries,” explains Rahimi. “The goal is to develop new state-of-the-art models for information retrieval that jointly rank and explain the entire lists provided to users."

Affiliated with the Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval, Rahimi’s research is in the field of information retrieval, text mining, and content analysis. She focuses on designing, developing, and evaluating models for a diverse range of tasks and applications related to information retrieval.

Google’s Research Scholar Program “provides unrestricted gifts to support research at institutions around the world, and is focused on funding world-class research conducted by early-career professors.” Rahimi was selected by Google under their machine learning and data mining research field for this award.