Co-founded by CIIR alum Hema Raghavan, named to Forbes AI top 50 was named to the 2024 Forbes AI 50 list which recognizes the most promising privately-held artificial intelligence companies. co-founder Hema Raghavan (shown in center) is a CICS/CIIR PhD alum. She is one of the few women founders of AI companies.

About The last two decades have created an explosion of diverse and complex data that contain a wealth of insights waiting to be uncovered. While analytics tools accessed only lagging, surface-level insights, machine learning unlocked deeper value with predictions. Today’s methods, however, offer little more than incremental business benefits for months of effort. The natural limitations of traditional data science have been reached, and a new approach is needed to deliver the next echelon of value.

Kumo uses artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate the creation and performance of machine learning (ML) models. By streamlining the machine learning lifecycle and eliminating the need for feature engineering, Kumo produces model improvements up to 75% and growing. This approach uncovers more value from data and elevates the role of the data scientist, unleashing their creativity and modeling expertise.

Kumo is the leader in intelligent data science because it uses the power of graph structure to provide the highest performing models and most accurate predictions — down to the entity level. This is done by automatically converting relational data into graphs and using graph neural networks (GNNs), a class of AI models designed for graphs, to learn from relationships in the data. Kumo rapidly builds highly accurate models that keep pace with business questions with low-code, SQL-like queries that predict things like segments, lifetime value, behaviors, and more to improve personalization and recommendations. See the Forbes article on the founding of