CIIR Publication Awards

Year Conference Award Authors Paper Title
2023 SIGIR 2023 Best Student Paper Award Alireza Salemi, Juan Altmayer Pizzorno, Hamed Zamani A Symmetric Dual Encoding Dense Retrieval Framework for Knowledge-Intensive Visual Question Answering
2023 ICTIR 2023 Best Paper Award Honorable Mention Zhiqi Huang, Shahrzad Naseri, Hamed Bonab, Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar, James Allan Hierarchical Transformer-based Query by Multiple Documents
2022 SIGIR 2022 Best Short Paper Award Hansi Zeng, Hamed Zamani, Vishwa Vinay Curriculum Learning for Dense Retrieval Distillation
2022 SIGIR 2022 Best Paper Award Valeriia Bolotova, Vladislav Blinov, Bruce Croft, Mark Sanderson A non-factoid question answering taxonomy
2021 NAACL 2021 Trust NLP Workshop Best Paper Award Dong-Ho Lee, Ravi Kiran Selvam, Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar, Bill Yuchen Lin, Fred Morstatter, Jay Pujara, Elizabeth Boschee, James Allan, Xiang Ren AutoTriggER:Named Entity Recognition with Auxiliary Trigger Extraction
2020 CIKM 2020 Best Paper Award (Full Paper Research Track) Valeriya Bolotova-Baranova, Vladislav Blinov, Yukun Zheng, Mark Sanderson, Falk Scholer, Bruce Croft Do People and Neural Networks Pay Attention to the Same Words? Studying Eye-tracking Data for Non-factoid QA Evaluation
2020 CIKM 2020 Best Paper Award (Resource Track) Hamed Zamani, Gord Lueck, Everest Chen, Rodolfo Quispe, Flint Luu, Nick Craswel MIMICS: A Large-Scale Data Collection for Search Clarification
2019 ICTIR 2019 Best Full Paper Award Daniel Cohen, Scott Jordan, Bruce Croft Learning a Better Negative Sampling Policy with Deep Neural Networks for Search
2019 ICTIR 2019 Best Short Paper Honorable Mention Helia Hashemi, Hamed Zamani, Bruce Croft Performance Prediction for Non-Factoid Question Answering
2019 ECIR 2019 Test of Time Award Xing Yi ('11), James Allan A Comparative Study of Utilizing Topic Models for Information Retrieval (2009 ECIR paper)
2019 ECIR 2019 Best Application Short Paper Youngwoo Kim, James Allan Unsupervised Explainable Controversy Detection from Online News
2019 EMNLP 2019 -IJCNLP (Workshop on Machine Reading for Question Answering) Best Paper Award, MRQA Ameya Godbole, Dilip Kavarthapu, Rajarshi Das, Zhiyu Gong, Abhishek Singhal, Hamed Zamani, Mo Yu, Tian Gao, Xiaoxiao Guo, Manzil Zaheer, Andrew McCallum Multi-step Entity-centric Information Retrieval for Multi-Hop Question Answering
2018 SIGIR 2018 Best Short Paper Award Daniel Cohen, Bhaskar Mitra. Katja Hofmann, Bruce Croft Cross Domain Regularization for Neural Ranking Models using Adversarial Learning
2018 SIGIR 2018 Test of Time Award Honorable Mention Xing Wei (Ph.D. '07), Bruce Croft LDA-based document models for ad-hoc retrieval (2006 paper)
2017 SIGIR 2017 Test of Time Award Honorable Mention Donald Metzler (Ph.D. '07), Bruce Croft A Markov random field model for term dependencies (2005 paper)
2017 ACM CHIIR 2017 Best Student Paper Award Jiepu Jiang, Daqing He, Diane Kelly, James Allan Understanding Ephemeral State of Relevance
2016 SIGIR 2016 Test of Time Award Victor Lavrenko, W. B. Croft Relevance based Language Models (2001 paper)
2016 SIGIR 2016 Test of Time Award Jay M. Ponte, W. B. Croft A Language Modeling Approach to Information Retrieval (1998 paper)
2016 SIGIR 2016 Test of Time Award James Allan, Ron Papka, Victor Lavrenko On-line New Event Detection and Tracking (1998 paper)
2016 SIGIR 2016 Test of Time Award Jinxi Xu, W. B. Croft Query Expansion using Local and Global Document Analysis (1996 paper)
2016 SIGIR 2016 Test of Time Award Jamie Callan, Zhihong Lu, W. B. Croft Searching Distributed Collections with Inference Networks (1995 paper)
2016 SIGIR 2016 Test of Time Award Howard Turtle, W. B. Croft Inference Networks for Document Retrieval (1990 paper)
2015 SIGIR 2015 Test of Time Award Honorable Mention Award Jiwoon Jeon, Victor Lavrenko, R. Manmatha Automatic image annotation and retrieval using cross-media relevance models (2003 paper)
2015 ACL 2015 Outstanding Paper Award Emma Strubell, Luke Vilnis, Kate Silverstein, Andrew McCallum Learning Dynamic Feature Selection for Fast Sequential Prediction
2014 SIGIR 2014 Test of Time Award Honorable Mention Award Steve Cronen-Townsend, Yun Zhou, W. Bruce Croft Predicting query performance (2002 paper)
2014 NIPS 2014 (4th Workshop on Automated Knowledge Base Construction - AKBC 2014) Outstanding Paper Award Arvind Neelakantan, Benjamin Roth, Andrew McCallum Knowledge Base Completion using Compositional Vector Space Models
2013 ICDAR 2013 Best Poster Paper Award David Wemhoener, Zeki Yalniz, R. Manmatha Creating an Improved Version Using Noisy OCR from Multiple Editions
2012 WSDM 2012 Runner-Up Best Paper Award Michael Bendersky, Donald Metzler, W. B. Croft Effective Query Formulation with Multiple Information Sources
2011 SIGIR 2011 Best Paper Honorable Mention Award Michael Bendersky, Donald Metzler, W. B. Croft Parameterized Concept Weighting in Verbose Queries
2011 CIKM 2011 (BooksOnline Workshop) Best Paper Award Marc-Allen Cartright, Henry A. Feild, James Allan Evidence Finding using a Collection of Books
2011 ICML 2011 Test of Time Award John Lafferty, Andrew McCallum, Fernando C. N. Pereira Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data (2001 paper)
2010 PAKDD 2010 Best Paper Runner-Up Pallika H. Kanani, Andrew McCallum, Shaohan Hu Resource-bounded Information Extraction: Acquiring Missing Feature Values On Demand
2009 ICTIR 2009 Best Paper Award Ben Carterette (Ph.D. '08) An Analysis of NP-Completeness in Novelty and Diversity Ranking
2008 ISCA 2008 Most Influential Paper Award Maurice P. Herlihy, J. Eliot B. Moss Transactional Memory: Architectural Support for Lock-Free Data Structures (1993 paper)
2006 SIGIR 2006 Best Paper Award Ben Carterette, James Allan, Ramesh Sitaraman Minimal Test Collections for Retrieval Evaluation
2006 SIGIR 2006 Best Student Paper Award (also Best Paper Award) Ben Carterette, James Allan, Ramesh Sitaraman Minimal Test Collections for Retrieval Evaluation
2005 SIGIR 2005 Best Student Paper Award Donald Metzler, Bruce Croft A Markov random field model for term dependencies
2004 User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction: The Journal of Personalization Research (UMUAI) 2004 James Chen Annual Award for Best Journal Article Anton Leuski, James Allan Interactive Information Retrieval Using Clustering and Spatial Proximity
2004 AAAI 2004 Honorable Mention Award Trausti Kristjannson, Aron Culotta, Paul Viola, Andrew McCallum Interactive Information Extraction with Constrained Conditional Random Fields
2001 SIGIR 2001 Best Paper Award James Allan, Rahul Gupta, Vikas Khandelwal Temporal Summaries of News Topics
1999 ATAL 1999 (6th Intl. Workshop on Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages) Best Student Paper Award Ping Xuan, Victor Lesser Incorporating Uncertainty in Agent Commitments
1998 SIGIR 1998 Best Paper Award Warren Greiff A theory of term weighting based on exploratory data analysis
1997 SIGIR 1997 Best Student Paper Award Lisa Ballesteros, Bruce Croft Phrasal translation and query expansion techniques for cross-language information retrieval
1995 SIGIR 1995 Best Student Paper Award (co-winner) Eric Brown Fast evaluation of structured queries for information retrieval
bold denotes CIIR researcher