The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR) is one of the leading research groups working in the areas of information retrieval and AI. The CIIR studies and develops tools that provide effective and efficient access to large collections of heterogeneous, multimedia, and multilingual information.

CIIR accomplishments include significant research advances in the areas of retrieval models, distributed search, conversational search, recommender systems, search engine architecture, structured data retrieval, summarization, question answering, interactive information retrieval, evaluation, controversy detection, novelty detection, resource discovery, interfaces and visualization, cross-lingual retrieval, multimedia and image search, digital libraries, information extraction and filtering, computational social science, topic models, social network analysis, and fair and trustworthy search.

The CIIR has published more than 1100 papers on these areas, and has worked with over 100 government and industry partners on research and technology transfer. Open source software supported by the Center is being used worldwide.

Please contact us to talk about potential new projects, collaborations, membership, or joining us as a graduate student or visiting researcher.